I am dedicated to saving time for my clients, and one of the key ways I deliver this is through implementing systems and using the best technology. I love discovering new shortcuts, and learning from other small business owners. On this blog I will be asking fellow entrepreneurs to share their tips and tricks so we can all learn and save time!

Welcome to my first guest, Laura Nelson of My Virtual Manager. I met the wonderful Laura on InstagramMy Virtual Manager specialises in Business and Project Management. What Laura doesn’t know about systems isn’t worth knowing. Read on to find out more about Laura, and some of the tech she uses to run her business.

Over to you Laura…

Hello 👋🏾 I’m Laura Nelson from My Virtual Manager. I help businesses adapt and flourish by getting the right systems and software in place, resulting in them having more time to focus on generating income. 

When and why did you start your own business?

I’ve had multiple businesses. About 19 years ago my (then) husband and I ran a web development company. We worked on web and mobile applications (two geeks with a dream!). That company was dissolved when the marriage was and so I picked up and moved across the world with my (then 1 year old) daughter. I’ve been working in digital project management ever since.

Three years ago I had another little girl and took an extra long maternity leave with her. During that time a few companies approached me to do some virtual work with them, and that’s how my business was born. I just made it official last year.

What were the first steps you took to put yourself out there?

The biggest step for me was my Instagram page. It actually requires you to be open and vulnerable (you know, to build the right tribe). I’ve met some lovely and encouraging people (like yourself Jennifer) and it has helped me to come out of my shell a little more.

What game-changing piece of technology or kit have you invested in for your business?

My biggest investment was my Mac. It comes with everything that you need and gives you such flexibilty to create what you need for your business. I am actually a creative at heart and I can feel the creative pull getting stronger and stronger.

What apps do you use to help your business grow and streamline your systems?

Creative: I use the Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s pretty cost effective when you think about the tools that you get with the subscription, and it’s great for your complete digital presence.

Socials: I use BufferTailwind and Later are great, but Buffer allows you to schedule all of your posts in one app, which saves me (lots) of time not jumping back and forth. Plus it’ll let you re-schedule your most popular posts and saves the captions and hashtags – another timesaver!

SEO: I’ve just found tihs new tool seranking.com – it seems to be a complete suite, and even has scheduling capabilites! Crazy for a low monthly price! I’ve not tested all of the features yet – I’m trialling it for a client but will keep you updated on the progress

How do you keep track of your tasks and to dos? Are you a notebook or a digital person?

I’m a digital person all the way. If I didn’t have kids in the house I wouldn’t even have paper here! I use Trello to keep a visual track of everything I’m working on. I feel super satisfied pulling a card into the ‘done’ list. 🥳

What has been the most helpful business/self-help book that you have read?

The book ‘Get Clients Now‘ by CJ Hayden changed the way I approached marketing. I first read it 13 years ago, and I just talked with a VA who’s read it recently. When a book is that good – it just keeps on going. 

What is the one piece of advice that you would give other small business owners?

Go for it. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll teach you, learn your lessons, make changes and implement new strategies, just keep-on-going.

What is the best thing about running your own business?

Impromptu trips to the seaside with my girls! Middle of a Friday afternoon, grab shoes, water and we’re off. 

What is the most challenging thing about running your own business?

When you work hard ona project. Complete it in record runaround. The Client is super happy. But they wait 60 days to pay your invoice – like really?

Where do you hope your business will be this time next year?

I would like to work with a charity that helps women who have had a hard time in life. Women who may have struggled with Post Partum Depression (a cause that is close to my heart) and is trying to get herself back into business. Or women who have suffered from trauma and may be apprehensive about getting back to business or work.

Thank you so much Laura for your time. I’m straight off to investigate Adobe Creative Cloud and Seranking. 

If you are looking for more help with business and system managment, Laura is the lady to contact.

Until next time,