It’s time for us to get to know one another better

Let’s get acquainted- one entrepreneur to another!

You can find what you were meant to do later in life. 

Shyness and lack of confidence meant I graduated Cambridge University with no idea what to do as a career. I fell into bookselling, a job I loved for years, but I knew I had more to offer. As time went on my dream job changed around me, the workplace became toxic and it culminated with a life-changing head injury in a workplace accident.

Sometime the big scary things happen for a reason, and this accident set me on a new course, to eventually leaving bookselling and setting up my own business, Jennifer Cooper Timesaver, to provide administrative support to other small business owners.

. After 20 years I found something that i was GREAT at, that I loved, fulfilled me and enabled me to meet and support amazing small business owners like you.

Since then I haven’t stopped – Jennifer Cooper Timesaver has grown from being a solo enterprise to a team of 8 amazing women, who bring their own skills to support and champion you. I now offer Online Business Management, Social Media Management and Business Mentoring services.

Running my own business is the best thing I have ever done, it is empowering, exciting, challenges me and most of all makes me HAPPY. 

If I can do it, you can do it too!

When I’m not working hard on my business, I love spending time with family, watching romantic comedies, reading all the books, indulging in my love of stationery or escaping to the seaside. I am at my happiest pottering around a craft fair or nattering over a coffee with friends. 

My biggest joy in life is enabling others to fulfil their potential. Seeing others thrive, grow, learn and gain in confidence lights up my life!

Unsure of what to do with my history degree after graduating, I began working at a department store, and discovered a love for retail.

It was only natural to combine this with another of my passions: books. I got a job with a major bookseller and, over 18 loyal years, filled many roles for the company. I specialized in children’s books and won Bookseller of the year in 2007. This is where I truly developed my people skills, love for organisation and keen sense of what SELLS.

I began to outgrow the role and yearn for more, but I lacked the confidence to dive into my next endeavour. After suffering a major accident at work, I was forced to re-evaluate things, realizing that life is too short and I needed to make some big changes! This is when I began a job managing the local community hall. I learned how to coordinate a team, put together large events and run their social media like a pro. 

From there, people organically approached me asking for help with their social media and business organization and strategy. That is when Jennifer Cooper Time Saver was born! I have been on a rocket-propelled course ever since! I dove into many facets of the online world in order to discover my zone of genius and how I can best support other women in business. 

At the age of 41, I have finally found my purpose and am using it to help other women achieve their dreams while not feeling limited by their age, background or past. My business allows me to support others in finding relief, feel less alone and build confidence, structure and freedom. I truly believe you are meant for great things in your life and it would be my true honour to support you through that journey.

My mission is to provide my clients with invaluable support as they navigate the entrepreneurial path. My services are designed to help you overcome whatever is holding you back, be it lack of time, resources or tech know-how. To know that you are supported and someone has your back. To help you reach your business goals, fulfil your potential and enjoy life. 

What makes me a unique choice?

I am so I can support you best

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If you’re wanting to create a new strategic approach within your business and truly set the groundwork in place to grow, let’s jump on a call! This no-pressure discovery call is meant for us to get to know each other better and find out whether we are a good match. 

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