Are you ready to gain the support and guidance you’ve been craving within your business?

Are you ready to gain the support and guidance you’ve been craving within your business?

Hi, I'm

Hi I 'm Jenny


I'm the brains behind Jennifer Cooper Timesaver, and leader of a talented team of ladies dedicated to helping you and your business thrive.

My Approach

Running a business requires finding a structure that works for you. There is no one size-fits-all formula. We will collaborate to create a customized, concrete plan for getting you organized and setting up the right systems for your business.

The ultimate aim is to build a solid foundation that grants you the freedom and flexibility to expand your offerings, reach your growth goals, and serve more clients without becoming overwhelmed. You will gain the clarity and confidence needed to make smart decisions and approach each day with ease.

Importantly, you don’t have to figure all this out alone! I will be there each step of the way to meet you halfway, provide guidance, and ensure you construct the empire you’ve always pictured. I will act as your personal strategist, advisor, accountability partner, and cheerleader along the way. In other words, think of me as the human version of a Swiss Army knife – I’m equipped to help with whatever you need!

Save time, reduce overwhelm and

find your flow

in your business

How can I help you?

Maybe you're...

Imagine being in a place where you…

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You're in luck, I have three service options that will completely change your business!

How I can help you


Personalised 1-to-1 mentoring service, designed to guide you seamlessly from conceptualisation to actionable results.


Bespoke support to blast through blocks and procrasination

Untangling Tech

Tech & System expertise to save you time and supercharge your business

Email List Management

Build the email list of your dreams, that delights and converts your readers into customers

Social Media Management

Stay visible and build your profile with out timesaving, creative and strategic social media support

Website Updates

Ensure your website is up to date, with blogs, services, events, prices, press and more

How you'll feel when we work together

  • Confident: Feel empowered by your business every day and have the confidence to go after your big, big dreams and goals!
  • Positive: Leave worry and doubt behind as you tackle your to-do list with peace-of-mind, positivity and know-how. 
  • Energized: It’s time to stop feeling defeated by the many facets of your business and start approaching it with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Inspired: You’ll finally have the time to focus on your zone of genius, find inspiration within yourself and thrive!
  • In-control: Long gone are the days where you feel overwhelmed! Create a plan of action that gives you the control and power you need to conquer it all.

Don't take my word for it, see what my clients are


Clients we have worked with


Don't take my word for it, see what my clients are saying

Alex Bird Alex Anthony Hairdressing
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This woman is a superhero to me and my business. She checks in on me constantly, helps with all my socials, any admin work I haven’t had time to do and just generally helps me when I need it. I can’t recommend Jennifer enough.
Claire BowmanPlum Travel
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So grateful for all the help Jenny provides - she's enthusiastic, efficient and has great ideas. I highly recommend her services. It's taken social media worried off my hands which has allowed me to focus on selling travel 
Lauren Govey Lauren’s Lovely Bookshelf
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My Instagram following has grown massively. I feel I have more of an identity with the styling of my photos etc all inspired by our conversation. And your help at many times has been very much appreciated. Thank you thank you

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