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Mentoring & Accountabilty

Feeling Overwhelmed or Unsure Where to Begin?

As you compassionate business mentor I can help you prioritize your next moves, make an intuitive plan of attack, and most importantly, ensure you have the support to bring your plans to fruition. You should not have to figure everything out by yourself.

I will be right there by your side every step of the way, providing gentle guidance when you get stuck, boosting your confidence when self-doubt creeps in, and helping you implement systems that give you a heightened sense of control amidst the busyness of entrepreneurship. You’ve got this!

As your mentor, my mission is to provide the clarity and steps you need to turn your dreams into reality.

Together we will
How you will feel
Jennifer Cooper Timesaver Mentoring

Your Mentor

jennifer cooper timesaver

With nearly 2 decades of experience within the fast-paced retail industry along with 3+ years now proudly running my own highly successful service-based business, I have a firsthand, intimate understanding of the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship.

I excel at gently yet strategically brainstorming innovative solutions and out-of-the-box ideas tailored to your unique scenario. I’m also deeply passionate about breaking down complex systems, tools, and technologies into bite-sized pieces so I can adeptly teach you at your own pace.

My mission is to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to turn your business dreams into an reality.

How it works

A questionnaire will be sent to you to complete ahead of our meeting to identify your goals and the challenges you may face. This helps me get to know you, so that we can get right down to the details once we start working together.

I research your business ahead of the meeting to make sure we get the best out of our time together.

We meet online or in person to discuss your goals, challenges you are facing, and brainstorm plans going forward.

After the meeting, I email you a written summary of our mentoring session with agreed action points..

Follow up support on email and Telegram. I can help you stay on track, answer any queries and celebrate your progress.

The Investment

£ 165
  • 1 x 90 minute session
  • Write up of session with strategy, goals and action points
  • 1 week of follow up support on email and Telegram
£ 95
  • 1 x 1 hour session
  • Write up of session with strategy, goals and action points
  • 1 week of follow up support on email and Telegram
£ 275
  • 3 x 1 hour sessions
  • Write up of each session with strategy, goals and action points
  • 1 week of follow up support after each session on email and Telegram

Kind Words

Transformative Accountability Support

Jennifer Cooper Timesaver Accountability Support

1 to 1 support

I offer bespoke accountability support. This includes consistent daily check-ins to help you objectively prioritize your tasks, identify what can be delegated or eliminated, and provide the gentle yet firm permission you need to let less critical items fall by the wayside.

I always factor your entire life into the equation – not just business. Circumstances in your personal world like family, health issues, or just a low-energy day will affect how much you can realistically accomplish at any given moment. Perfection does not exist!

As an entrepreneur who lives with ADHD and post-concussion syndrome myself, I have firsthand experience crafting customized strategies that enable my mind to thrive. With a holistic blend of compassion and commercial know-how, we will work together to find the precise techniques that best support you in overcoming blocks and move forward with renewed clarity and momentum.

How it works

I will send you a questionnaire ahead of our session to find out your business priorities, what is getting in the way and how I can best support you.

You brain dump out everything that is in your head and needs to get done.

We have an in depth call to make a plan, factoring in your diary for the week, energy levels and task priorities.

I check in and support you throughout the day via you preferred means of contact, I recommend Telegram.

We make adjustments as needed and ensure that you end the week with the vital to dos ticked off as done.

The Investment

Accountability week
£ 245
  • 1 week of focused support to help you blast through those tasks
  • 5 days of 1to1 communication 8am-4pm via Telegram
  • Inspiring to do list that gives you visual motivation to tick off those tasks
  • End of the week check in with learnings and celebrations
Ongoing Support
£ 95 per month
  • Either 30 minute planning session at the beginning of each week or 60 minute planning session held fortnightly to map out your tasks and diary
  • 1 page write up of session listing out priorities
  • Inspiring to do list that gives you visual motivation to tick off those tasks

Kind Words