Looking to find a group of like-minded women who are building their business, who you can connect and build relationships with?
Welcome to Kindred Spirits Group Mentoring

Looking to connect with other women in business with similar values to you? Wondering how to get practical and emotional support for running your business? Intimidated by Networking Groups? 

I wanted to find a way to connect some of the amazing business owners that I know, and provide ongoing mentoring support to them. Enter Kindred Spirits Group Mentoring.

Kindred Spirits Group Mentoring

Kindred Spirits Group Mentoring is designed to provide the supportive business community we all crave.

Each group is carefully curated to include 4-6 women who I think will connect with each other – it’s business matchmaking!

We meet in person for 90 minutes each month, and support each other online via an Instagram group. Each session has a theme, and resources supplied as required.

At the end of each session you will have made progress with your business, solved a few problems, had a few ideas, and crucially found kinship and connected with other female business owners.

The magic happens because although you may be in different industries and at different stages of your business you all have the same values. This is what builds the kinship and connections.

You are totally accepted for who you are and where you are. Some months you will make huge strides in your business, other months not packing the whole thing in will be a huge achievement. There is no pressure, just support and understanding. 

I can truly say it is the best idea I have had in my business, and watching the relationships and collaborations develop between the women in the groups is a privilege.

How Can I Find Out More?

If you would like to join us, the next Kindred Spirits Group will be launching in September 2023. Just click on the button below to fill out your details, and I will be in touch.

As a small business owner, new to my field and fresh to self-employment, Kindred Spirits has created the supportive and friendly environment that I have found so lacking when working alone.I have found Jenny’s organisational prowess and practical support invaluable, but perhaps more so her ability to find connections between local individuals who can encourage and advocate for one another, collaborate and help each other to build confidence and improve their business strategies has been a real lifeline for my business.I highly recommend Kindred Spirits for an almost instant support network and cheerleading squad - you won't regret it.
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