Timesaving Systems

These are a few of my favourite things...

There are lots of tech tools and systems out there to help you save time and automate your business. My happy place is exploring and experimenting with new ones. If I’ve heard of it, I’ve tried it! 

I save you time by working out which ones are the best.

These are my favourite systems, which I use every day in my business. 

NB some of the below include affiliate links, which won’t cost you anything, but help provide me with coffee funds. I only recommend products and systems I know, use and love in my business.

Asana Logo


The task management tool to rule them all. My entire business is run on Asana, from managing my tasks, to assigning work to the team and setting company goals.

Buffer logo


A lot of social media schedulers are reducing what they offer for free, Buffer is now one of the best free options with the most functionality, and is simple to use and navigate.

Calendly Logo


Fed up of back and forth on emails to set up a meeting? Calendly allows you to send a link to your diary to clients so they can book an appointment at a time that suits you.. 

Canva logo


The ultimate design tool, that you can use to create everything from social media posts to brochures and presentations. The free version is fantastic, the paid version is out of this world. 

Creative Market logo

Creative Market

If you want to skip the creative part of using a design tool like Canva, Creative Market is the answer. Browse and choose from a wide range of design templates and presets that you can then adapt to suit you.

Dext logo


Your accountant will love you if you start using Dext. It is a simple receipt bank – scan in receipts, or forward invoices to it via a personalised email address. Dext uploads everything ready for you or your accountant to process. 

Dubsado logo


The way to deliver the customer service experience of your dreams – it can do it all, send proposals, contracts, questionnaires, invoices automate your emails, set up client portals and schedule appointments. Use the code jctimesaver to get 20% off

Facebook Business Suite Logo

Facebook Business Suite

The best way to schedule social media posts on Instagram and Facebook for free – it allows you to schedule videos, carousel posts and so much more than most other schedulers.

Google logo


Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs & Google Sheets.

My business is run on Google, and is the best way to collaborate with my team on documents and share resources. The free alternative to Dropbox.

Hourstack logo


The best time tracking system I have found, this allows you to budget time for a job, then track how long it takes in reality. Simple to use you can easily pull complex information for reports into where your time goes. 

Mailerlite logo


There are lots of email system options, Mailerlite is my personal favourite because of ease of use and the amount of functions it provides for free. 

PolicyBee logo

Policy Bee

One of the most important things to sort as a a freelancer is insurance. Policy Bee are consistently brilliant, and will help you navigate the complex choices to work out exactly what you need. If you use the code Jennifer Cooper Timesaver you get £20 off!

Trello logo


Trello serves 2 roles in my business, firstly it provides a slightly simpler task management system alternative to Asana. It is great for weekly and visual planning.

Secondly it is fantastic for social media planning, my social media clients all have their own Trello board to see and approve their social media content.

Typeform logo


Google Forms allows you to send questionnaires for free, Dubsado allows you to send longer and more detailed questionnaires.

But if you are looking for a visually stunning, sophisticated form to send out look no further than Typeform. It is on a different level.

Xero logo


You can’t run a business without some sort of accounting software, and Xero is my personal choice. Quickbooks may be a little easier to use, but accountants don’t like it. Ask them, and time and again they will recommend Xero to you. 

It really is the best of the bunch.