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Your online presence, whether it be your email list, website or social media channels, allows your customers to find, get to know, like and trust your business. Let's be honest, maintaining this online presence is time consuming and overwhelming.

As passionate advocate for small business owners, at Jennifer Cooper Timesaver we’re here to help you build your visibility and grow your audience.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the retail industry, I understand the nuances of appealing to customers and tailoring messaging for different audiences. This gives me a unique perspective I can draw upon when helping craft content that aligns with your brand and resonates with your ideal clients.

Rather than a “hard sell” approach, we focus on creating content that provides genuine value, builds trust, and nurtures relationships with your community. 

Selling is not about high-pressure tactics – it’s about forging human connections. 

Our suite of services focuses on nurturing your audience across three key channels: emails, social media, and your website.

Please see our full range of services below, or use the button to jump to the ones you are interested in.

Jennifer Cooper Timesaver Email List Management

Your Email List

Email is one of the most effective yet underutilized ways to nurture relationships with your audience.

We can help you make the most of this opportunity by supporting you with the following:

  • Set up and manage your email marketing platform
  • Strategize irresistible lead magnets and freebies to grow your list
  • Design stunning email templates that reflect your brand
  • Write and curate engaging email content based on your brand voice
  • Research and recommend email automation workflows to nurture new subscribers
  • Segment your list based on interests and engagement levels
  • Provide updates based on key data like open and click rates
  • Monitor inbox deliverability and spam filtering issues
  • Offer ongoing and on-demand training so you can master your platform
  • Integrate your email campaigns with your other marketing efforts

YourSocial Media

Trying to consistently post creative, on-brand content and manage your social media presence is exhausting. 

We provide bespoke social media support across the platforms that matter to you, so you can focus on the big picture work which will take your business to the next level. We specialise in:

  • Crafting branded content and managing platforms
  • Monthly content plans aligned to industry trends and events
  • Visual assets like graphics, images, and videos
  • Captions with strategic messaging and calls-to-action
  • Relevant hashtags and keyword research
  • Scheduling for visibility and engagement
  • Reporting on analytics and insights
  • Staying updated on algorithm and platform changes
  • Competitor analysis to inform strategy
  • Setting up and optimizing profiles
  • Developing comprehensive social media strategies
Social Media Management
Jennifer Cooper Timesaver

Your Website

Is all the information on your website current? Are all your services and products listed? Do you struggle to find the time to load blogs, and list out your media appearances?

We know how time-consuming it can be to keep your website content current. As your virtual assistant team, we are familiar with all the major website platforms.  Our team will keep your site fresh, compliant, and optimized to attract more traffic so you can devote your precious time to higher-level strategic priorities

Our services include:

  • Loading new blog posts and optimizing all content for SEO
  • Adding new products and services
  • Updating text, images, and calls-to-action
  • Integrating your latest media coverage and appearances
  • Ensuring your site accurately reflects your brand and offerings
Prices from £35 per hour
“Jenny helps me with website design plus help with advertising on other platforms. Jenny is fabulous.... Brilliant to work with, capable, responsive, effective, organised.... Superb. I saw a post you wrote or a comment re King John’s Nursery and instinct told me we could work together... I didn't know you or anyone that had used you, but had a quick look at your info on insta and knew it felt right... Great decision I now have better visibility in a positive way ie the website really represents my business now... I know if I give you a project, you finish it but also suggest ideas etc. It's been great to work with someone to bounce ideas off of who gets it, rather than it being hard work to get someone to understand”
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards
Oow How Lovely

How It Works

We hop on a discovery call to discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit. We offer a variety of packages for email and social media support, which you can download below, and per hour support for Website Updates. 

Ready to grow your audience?

Kind Words

"I’ve been working with Jenny and her team for a year and a half and they’re a fantastic asset to my business! Jenny’s such a wonderful person, really kind, caring, encouraging, helpful and informative. She definitely knows her stuff, and if she doesn’t know something, she’ll learn it or find someone who does! I know my workload is in safe hands with Jenny and her team, and although originally hired just for social media, they’ve created beautiful lead magnets, content banks, helped me through a course launch with multiple email series, written blogs, sent newsletters, and much more besides! I’d heartily recommend Jenny and her team to any small business looking for additional administrative support from an efficient, creative and down-to-earth team."
Jade Tinkler
Jade Tinkler
Jade Tinkler Photography