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Business Mentoring

I’m passionate about working with women just like you and helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. I’ve spent 18 years in retail, and 3 years building up a successful business which I love.

As a mentor, I offer mindset help, accountability, and hands-on tutorials, helping you learn how to do things for yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and like you don’t know what to focus on first- then let’s have a chat to see if we are a good fit. I’ll be your personal cheerleader.

Business Mentoring

1 to 1 support

We meet in person and make a full assessment of where you are vs where you want to be. We will gain clarity on your aims, evaluate ideas, and identify what steps you need to take to close the gap. From that we create a step by step plan to get it done.

A questionnaire will be sent to you to complete ahead of our virtual meeting to identify your goals and the challenges you may face. This helps me get to know you, so that we can get right down to the details once we start working together.

I research your business ahead of the meeting to make sure we get the best out of our time together.

A 2 hour meeting, to discuss your goals, challenges you are facing, and brainstorm plans going forward.

After the meeting, I email you a written summary of our mentoring session with agreed action points..

2 weeks of follow up support on Slack/email. I can help you stay on track, answer any queries and celebrate your progress.


£ 195
  • 1 x 2 hour session
  • Write up of session with strategy, goals and action points
  • 2 weeks of follow up support on email and Slack
£ 50
  • 1 x 1 hour session
  • Write up of session with strategy, goals and action points
  • 1 week of follow up support on email and Slack
£ 135
  • 3 x 1 hour sessions
  • Write up of each session with strategy, goals and action points
  • 1 week of follow up support after each session on email and Slack

mentoring spots for may 2022 now available

Would you like additional tech support and training?

This can be included as an extra on any of the above packages from £30 per hour. Team Timesaver can take on the action points we identify in your mentoring session, and make them happen for you.

Business Mentoring

emergency support

Is it all falling to pieces around you? Are you struggling to meet a deadline or see a way out?

I offer intensive, 1 day sessions where together we can blast through you to do list, and get as much done as possible to help you get back in control of your business.


Kindred Spirits

Group mentoring with a difference

Looking to connect with other women in business with similar values to you?

Kindred Spirits provides group mentoring and the supportive business community we all crave.

Each group is carefully curated to include 4-6 women who I think will connect with each other – it’s business matchmaking!

We meet in person for 90 minutes each month, and support each other online via an Instagram group. Each session has a theme, and resources supplied as required.

At the end of each session you will have made progress with your business, solved a few problems, had a few ideas, and crucially found kinship and connected with other female business owners. 

the tunbridge wells group is currently full

the east sussex group will be launching in may 2022

  •  Better visibility in a positive way ie the website really represents my business now… I know if I give you a project, you finish it but also suggest ideas etc It’s been great to work with someone to bounce ideas off of who gets it, rather than it being hard work to get someone to understand

    Lisa Edwards, Ooh How Lovely
  • I have been working with Jenny for over a year and I have been extremely impressed with the creativity she brings to each task. Jenny’s retail background enables her to add huge value to any retail clients and her social media track record speaks for itself. If you need any help in growing your retail business, I highly recommend a chat with Jenny. Not only does she provide exceptional value in her administrative work, she will champion your business and bring amazing ideas to increase your success.

    Ruth Ferreira, Ruth Ferreira Coaching 
  • Jenny is a Godsend! Her help made such a difference and she took such a weight off my shoulders by doing a job that had gotten the better of me. Money well spent!

    Lesley Brown
  • An enormous well done to you. You have thrown yourself heart and soul into the job and I’m sure the others agree with me that it’s amazing how different a position the hall is in now compared to this time last year. Don’t want to go on but I am incredulous at your energy and passion.

    Karen Bowles, Trustee Speldhurst Village Hall
  • Apart from the undeniable fact that Jennifer is super organised, she is so easy to get along with, and has great ideas.  I highly recommend her.  I recently took part in an event she organised and she had it all wrapped up and thought out from start to finish, and with a smile.  Brilliant.  I’d definitely work with her again.

    Sophie Playford, Sophie Playford Reflexology
  • I just want to commend Jennifer on her organisational skills.I attended an event she arranged this weekend and she had pulled it all together beautifully, thinking of all the small things that would be needed and making it easy for exhibitors to just turn up and do what we do best, with the logistics all taken care of.Big thanks!

    Karen Cain, Physioholistic Massage
  • This woman is a superhero to me and my business. She checks in on me constantly, helps with all my socials, any admin work I haven’t had time to do and just generally helps me when I need it. I can’t recommend Jennifer enough.

    Alex Bird, Alex Anthony Hairdressing
  • I spend about 10 minutes thinking about social media each week rather than a few hours so frees up my time.  You’ve helped me make get more followers on social media and make new connections. 

    Carole Dowling, The Enjoy Movement
  • So grateful for all the help Jenny provides – she’s enthusiastic, efficient and has great ideas. I highly recommend her services. It’s taken social media worried off my hands which has allowed me to focus on selling travel 

    Claire Bowman, Plum Travel
  • Having an extra pair of eyes look over my FB account and make suggestion about branding and the message to my ideal client has improved my visibility online. The page now looks professional and welcoming. It has also given me confidence, knowing that I am now speaking to my ideal client. I have had more followers and likes since I implemented the changes suggested by you.You are very generous with your knowledge and go the extra mile by making recommendations of other businesses/contacts that can help my business. You are always supporting my business on social media too which is lovely.

    Kim Else, Happy Pilates
  • My Instagram following has grown massively. I feel I have more of an identity with the styling of my photos etc all inspired by our conversation. And your help at many times has been very much appreciated. Thank you thank you

    Lauren Govey, Lauren’s Lovely Bookshelf
  • SO good Jenny – thank you!!! I feel full of inspiration now, having been very cautious about social media and I feel I understand it so much more and I understand more why I would want to do it, and how to do it! You conveyed enthusiasm, practical tips and how to think about an underlying strategy to guide why I would use social media and how. I particularly liked the emphasis on boundaries and that you are in charge of what you present and how you post. I also liked the emphasis on doing what is right for you social media-wise and not feeling like you have to do things a certain way. Very empowering. In the same vein, you gave very clear and practical tips about the nuts and bolts of successful social media, engagement and also etiquette. I have learnt loads in just 2 hours! Thanks Jenny. You are a real star.

    Kirsty Pakes, Clinical Psychologist
  • I trust your opinions, feel that you ‘get’ me and my business and know you are one of the few people I can be totally honest with about where I am, what I have done so far, and where I want to be. I also like the way you work and you make me smile 🙂 My inner nerd loved the colour coded work schedule. When I wasn’t sure what to do, I had an easy checklist to consult and it helped me stay on target and ensure that I worked on what would make the most difference as opposed to what felt easiest at the time.  I feel excited about work again. I know I’ve made progress  and have tangible results that show I’ve moved forward. 

    Rachael Hale, Home Interiors Writer
  • Jenny has the ability to convey loads of useful information in a really manageable and motivational way, and is so supportive of small businesses and woman in business. Really appreciative of your support and mentoring Jenny.
    Abi Dawson, Abi Dawson Fundraising
  • I have just spent an inspiring and satisfying morning learning how to use MailChimp with Jenny’s expert and friendly guidance.  I’m sure without her I would still be fumbling around with it, trying not to have a tantrum.  Thank you 

    Louise Dean, Louise Dean Artist
  • Jenny is a highly capable and intelligent assistant who would be an asset to any business. Her input has allowed me to grow two new businesses fast and my turnover has increased from the day I hired her! She is motivated and consistently shows a huge amount of initiative for quickly completing the tasks that you give her and goes beyond this to come up with creative solutions to problems and takes worries off your mind. I feel like I won the lottery finding her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone! Thank you for being awesome Jenny 

    Kate Harper, Kate Harper Dog Training & Behaviour
  •  Jenny has provided a fantastic set of training materials for my team and me, which means that we can ensure the whole team has the skills our clients require. She has also provided system set up and training services to our clients, which have fitted in seamlessly with the way we provide client support.

    Helen Calvert, Clear Day
  • We would never have built a website especially not in the timeframe you managed it in! You’ve taken the pressure off us, we do what we’re good at and you handle the rest and then when things are at their lowest you’re there picking us up and moving us onwards. It’s like having a safety net, we can try new things knowing that you’re there to scoop us up if we fall. Utterly priceless! 

    Cha Phillips, Rugsy Lugsy
  • I’m going to rename you Jenny Star Time Saver. I’m so blinking chuffed with everything you’ve done and the shop. Thank you…would never have got to here without you and it’s such a joy to work with you.

    Emily Wood, Box Paper Scissors
  • I honestly think that if I hadn’t spoken to you about setting up a course I would still be thinking about it and not taken any action as I really didn’t know where to start. You seem to find everything that I struggle with easy (that’s how you make it look at least!) which fills me with confidence. Not only are you amazing at the administrative and technical side, but you’re encouraging, mood-lifting and confidence-boosting 

    Catherine Nabbs, Catherine Nabbs Counselling
  • Working with you has helped me start to get more consistent in my activity and social media presence, particularly Instagram where I’m getting good engagement and growing my audience. I believe my business will grow as a result. I love having you there, knowing I can bounce ideas around with you, knowing you’ll keep me on track with the regular tasks and that you love what I do and get just as excited about the possibilities. Also that you’re solution focused and come up with resources or ideas to sort problems and if you don’t have the answer, you have places/people you can go to, to help.

    Judith Rayner, Let’s Walk Business